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In recent years, numerology has increased in popularity for giving answers to questions referring to what to become when leaving school, how to make a relationship work better, how to be successful in one's vocation or business, or what will be in store for one in the next days, months, years, or later periods of life.

In comparison to other divination methods, numerology is characterized by being able to give less complex answers and deliver a straight to the point textual message in regard to personality assessments or forecasting (and backcasting) psychological forces that influence an individual or a company at certain times in their life.
In more concrete terms

  • free numerology gives you practical advice for your career path
  • free numerology checks your and your partner's personality profile and assesses your compatibility
  • free numerology compares your and your partner's inborn sexual needs
  • free numerology tells you about your body's natural dispositions towards certain illnesses and remedies
  • free numerology informs you about your and your partner's inner contradictions pulling you in different directions
  • free numerology spells out your inborn karmic debts and gives advice on how to compensate them
  • free numerology gives you a clear overview over the course of your life from cradle to death
  • free numerology enlightens you about the specific reason for you to be in this particular existence this time round

And if you want to know about the life of your business or the company or organization you work for

  • free numerology accentuates in what kind of activity a business or company will be most successful
  • free numerology articulates the details that have to be met to fulfill the purpose and mission of the setup
  • free numerology displays the differences in the profiles of firms partnering or working together on a certain project and shows why in certain aspects they are disparate and experience frictions
  • free numerology clearly defines the mutual needs of two businesses or organizational bodies joined together very tightly
  • free numerology expresses the inborn areas of vulnerability in the concept and structure of a business or organization
  • free numerology talks about their conceptual innate weaknesses and contradictions
  • free numerology checks if there are any psychological debts from earlier misdoings in relation to internal or public conduct in the financial or market activities
  • free numerology can map out the influences under which a business or organization is in different time intervals in their lives

The service delivering all of the above and more is, a public not-for profit website service that has been in operation in the field of personality assessments for both individuals and companies since 1998 and has become known for its dependability, accuracy and clarity of evaluation.
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